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Take your foot off the Gas, Get Off your Ass, 

Park your car, Watch for a Shooting Star! 

Kiss your Wife, Weed the garden, Create a New life! 

Plant a Tree, Water the Grass. Thank the Universe,

life does not get worse, its All getting Better! 

Write a friend a Thank you letter!  

B - Stands for Better, Better in Every way in 

Every Day!  Don't settle for less put it to the test! Go 1st class All the way! 

Clean your inner House with Spiritual Feng Shui!  :)  

Half Empty or Half Full?

No matter what your circumstance or situation. It is all perspective. Your perspective could be the glass is half empty or half full. And that will be your experience. Because energy follows thought. And where your attention goes energy flows.  Like I know someone who lives with a narcissist.I know it is not easy however [...]

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I AM That I AM!

 Dana BiondoSpiritual Awakening/Consulting/ Education. Certified Quantum Energy Healer. Born October 5, 1960 at 11:07 am in Malone, New York. My Family tree comes from San Mauro Castelverde, Sicily. In my house are many mansions. We live in a Multiverse! We Really Are All One!In the Classic movie with Charleton Heston.The Ten Commandments. Moses [...]

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New Beginnings - New Year!

The New Year in usually about new beginnings. One important thing is don't allow your self to get discouraged if you don't see results over night or even in the first month. Change usually happens gradually over time as it unfolds in your mind - consciousness. Take your time with your self and self recrimination [...]

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Newsletter. # 1. Siskyou County

The Spirit of Cooperation; Newsletter #1. Ashland, Talent, Medford, Oregon.And Magical Mt Shasta! June, 2018. What is the spirit of cooperation and what does it means to us as the Family of humanity? According to the Cambridge [...]

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Remote Energy Healing.

Question. What is Remote - Distance “Energy Healing” and how does it work?E.M.F. Or E.F.T? 5G or 5D? You name it!  In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God. King James John 1. King James also quotes; All things were made by him and without him [...]

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Super Heros

Everyone is a Super Hero!  We Are All One!    We Are All One Super Hero!  How do I "Know" this? After watching D.C Comics and having to withdraw like a Sugar addiction. It took me 2 years to Stop having Sugar withdraws.  I discovered there is great message everyone is a Super Hero. And my own life [...]

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Let it rain.

Drink it in, Drink in the love that's pouring from above let it rain and wash away all your pain let it wash away all your fears, turn them in to joyful tears. Poem by Dana T Biondo

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Credit given to Orin - Daben. Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer.  Recognizing, Trusting, and Taking Action on Your IntuitionMessage from Orin and DaBen on IntuitionWhy follow your Intuition | What is your Intuition telling you now Orin's Intuition: Connecting With Your Divine Self audio course.DaBen and Orin's Intuition Graduate Light Body Course The Will to Harmonize is [...]

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Receiving Guidance

Credit to Orin Daben. If you have questions about interpretations of the Orin and DaBen material, light body questions, channeling questions, and so on, all the information we have is in their books and in the written material that accompanies the courses. You may find that the very act of forming a question brings its answer. [...]

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