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Spiritual coaching in a safe space

I AM That I AM!


 Dana Biondo

Spiritual Awakening/Consulting/ Education.

Certified Quantum Energy Healer.

Born October 5, 1960 at 11:07 am in Malone, New York.

My Family tree comes from San Mauro Castelverde, Sicily.

In my house are many mansions. We live in a Multiverse!

We Really Are All One!

In the Classic movie with Charleton Heston.

The Ten Commandments. Moses climbs Mount Sinai and sees the Burning bush. And he ask who are you? God says,

i am that i am.

I AM Truth, I AM Supreme Bliss, I AM Pure Consciousness. The Truth behind this is - Freedom! The correct meaning is - I AM THAT! I AM!

Moses received Revelation from God. Deepak Chopra’s book, Creating Affluence; he says. I AM That, You are That, All this is That and That’s all there is.

In Communion with God. Neale says there are 10 Illusions, the 1st Illusion of Need is the grandest and is what all the other illusions are based on #2. the illusion of Failure and #3. the Illusion of Disunity. And the 1st three are the most crucial. 1. God has an agenda. (Need Exist). 2. The outcome of life is in doubt. (Failure Exist). # 3. You are Separate from God. (Disunity Exist). Quotations from Conversation With God made here with permission from the author.

The Universe - “One Song” is made of Energy. What is this Energy? Atoms. These atoms are the Energy of Love! Yes it’s All Love! Remember first man was named Adam? And the Building blocks of the Universe are also named Atom?

I AM This, I AM That and I AM “Everything you see” and cannot see.

“Maya” is very seductive.

You have this idea that God shows up in only one way in life. That is a very dangerous idea. It stops you from seeing God all over. If think God only looks one way or sounds only one way or is only one way, your going to look right past Me night and day, is what Neale Donald Wasch says in Book 1 of Conversations with God.

To believe we are separated from God or any one or anything in life is Truly Illusion - Maya! Wrap your mind around it I had too.

Nothing is more important than the Awareness of the

love that is Who We Are!

Love dissolves all fear!

After reading the New testament, receiving a healing from Jesus a friend helped bring me back to life, one of Muktananda’s devotees Ma Prem - Rosi Weber. Thank you Rosi I love you! After my 1st Reiki treatment I was on my way up and on my way and back to life as the wounded healer I was “becoming” one who would devote my life to facilitate transformation in others. That is how I live. I AM a catalyst.

In Santa Fe N.M. I was initiated into Usui Reiki and then I discovered The Merlin lineage - Vortex®Healing of which I just completed Q Gate a Quantum Healing Energy that is a Quantum shift. Losing my health insurance was a gift because I learned to heal myself with the help of God/ Source. I prepare organic clean healthy foods and “think” good healthy thoughts most of the time. We have 65,000 thoughts every day!

That comes to 2,708.33333333 every hour!

Let thy food be thy medicine! After 7 surgeries I have many years of experience using Western and Eastern medicine to help you, my life has been the Best teacher! These are practical, natural, effective, long lasting approaches to healing yet the most effective approach is to realize that;

No One is broken and the most loving way

I can help them is holding a Safe Space.

This takes a high level of Awareness.

My focus is helping you to Be Self Aware!

Because it’s hip to be square.

And seriousness is a Dis - ease.

Your life will flow like a summer breeze.

Say this to Yourself;

I AM Willing to discover how lovable I AM!

Call for Self Transformation!

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