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New Beginnings - New Year!


The New Year in usually about new beginnings. One important thing is don't allow your self to get discouraged if you don't see results over night or even in the first month. Change usually happens gradually over time as it unfolds in your mind - consciousness. Take your time with your self and self recrimination does nothing positive for you or anyone else.  This is a habit I have had for many years. "Finally" in this past year I have had significant progress in being gentle with my self. If any one is being honest with you this is true for them as well. What does Being gentle with self mean? Take for example you have been doing Spiritual Practice for a few months or even years. Someone comes along and they will until they don't. They "trigger" your Old patterns and you Re Act you do not Recreate and you yell scream or retaliate. I have done this too, fortunately not for a long time. It happens. So when or if it does. Be gentle with you. Our inner child is the one in fear or pain. So give it what it wants. Love recognition and acceptance. Usually until we have really gone deep and transcended or shifted our patterns this will come up time after time. look it at this way it is practice. And with practice and gratitude for it happening you get better better and better. So pat your self on your back for the progress you have already done. It will get easier. Do the work you are worth it and you are a gift!  We all have a peace of the puzzle. No One has it all together or all the answers if they say they do run the other way! 

Happy New Year! 

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