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Spiritual coaching in a safe space

Remote Healing - Helping the Teachers / Healers.


I wrote this article in April 2019. Scroll down to page 36
Yet its information is Timely and Timeless. 

Most of us as Healers who use Wholistic Alternative Healing methods are already familiar

with doing sessions via Phone, Skype, Zoom on the Internet including Social Media! 

Its time is definitely Now!  Since we have the internet at our finger tips 

its a great way to connect. 

Please take a look and feel free to give your feedback. read with a open mind and 

learn some things for your self and your clients. 

Since I  Facilitate Healing for the Healers and those seeking New methods of Therapy 

its my News Years intentions to offer my service to you. 

As I have said Every Massage Therapist Needs a massage therapist and every Healer 

needs a healer, this includes me.   In other words We All Need each other. 

Now more than ever.   Namaste! 

Dana Biondo

Here is the link!


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