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Spiritual coaching in a safe space

About Dana Biondo

 Safe Space Spiritual Coaching is Spiritual Coaching in a safe space! 

Created by Dana Biondo and Neale Donald Walsch. 



Dana Biondo...

dana3.jpgBorn in Malone, N.Y. on October 5, 1960. At 11:07 am. My astrology is Libra Sun, Aries Moon, Scorpio rising. 11- 7  both Power numbers. In Numerology. 

I have 5 Planets in Scorpio to be more specific. 

I AM an Artist, a Healer, a Teacher, Spiritual Guide/Consultant and a

Friend in deed.  Not your ordinary kind of guy. Actually Extraordinary! 

My Family tree stems from 2 common ancestors: Pietro (Peter) Biondo and Giovanni (John) Biondo were both of whom were born in the village of San Mauro Castelverde, Sicily. Although they were brothers, they were born two years apart. They Immigrated to the USA at separate times and settled in different places in the North East.  


 How I Created my Self and Who I AM! 

My 1st turning point in my life was with my parents as I was with them for only the first five years of my life. And I never saw them again.  This was a great gift for me as a boy of 5.  They set me Free! I made a choice to see it this way. I Know there are No victims. 

And I was Free to Be me!  

Which gives me much compassion for you/ I have walked in your Shoes. 


The second turning point was my very first home after my Biological parents. The state of N.Y took me to my Auntie Deloris's  home.  I could not stay with them for more then a few months then had to go to my first foster home.

I was happy and excited I was on my 1st Unknown journey  And a "small' part me blamed God as most of us do. 

Now I know there is always a blessing in every disguise. That is life and why I am here today writing this bio. When I look back I was told my parents were out of Balance and Harmony no surprise they were handed

down the beliefs from many generations before them like most of our families.

I also know now why I was asking for "many years" that dis empowering question -

God what is wrong with me? And turning that anger and rage inward. 

Now I ask God, what is right with me? And I receive many splendid answers. 

Ask and you shall Receive. 


Most of my life I have been in sales, even as a boy I sold news papers. I rode my bicycle for many miles in cold N.J. weather to deliver news papers and collect payments. One of many jobs as a young boy and teenager. I was very ambitious! I was even called money bags.

The third turning point was after 10 years in my first foster home at age 16,

I was again asked to leave, after my foster mother,  her mother both died, my Oldest Brother And Sister both died then

my foster father remarried.  I had already seen death multiple time by that time.   Death usually comes in threes. 

That was another gift of Non Attachment. The Buddhist way. 

I arrived there at age 5.

Now I know why it has not easy to unpack and call any where home because,

I have moved so many times in my life it is like living out of suite case every day of your life. Another Awakening I had when I realized How I developed a Not Enough Not Important attitude. While in foster homes you are treated as if you are Not Important because you are always second best. 

I saw how biological children were given privileges I did not have and my Self Esteem began to erode very quickly.  Again I thank God she is teaching me Now to love my self,  I AM a worthy and deserving person and I have a right to my place in the Universe. I have a right to be because I AM! 

My first foster home really felt safe for me because they gave me what every foster child longs for ten years of love and stability. I remember my best times when I went clothes shopping every school year and when we had Christmas. I loved this home and my parents. After separation from this house I moved again to several new foster homes that were all temporary. I was leading my Self to live a life of independence and interdependence on God. What I was being taught was self reliance to Trust the Universe.  

I remember one home I was put in was a father who clearly drank too much and displayed threatening behavior and a son who did the same.  I knew in this home I was constantly under emotional or physic and at times physical attack. One of my last and most favorite homes was a Australian Woman 

who had Through Bread Race Horse breeding farm in S. New Jersey. I loved this place because I had about 100 acres to roam and be with Nature and these most amazing animals which became one of my Animal totems. Ironically my foster father bought us a Shelton pony that I was the only one who showed

interest in taking care of.  I also was around show horses, Appaloosas. So the through Breds where a perfect complement to my love of horses.  

My last home was with a foster brother. It was the I decided it was time to move on. 

At age 17 I decided to go to Philadelphia after a friend in High School told me about the military and I joined the U.S. Navy.  After a trip to the Far East and 1 year in dry dock for over haul I was discharged in Seattle, Washington. 

How glad I am to have seen the far east it opened my eyes to many things I had not been aware of.

I realized how rich, fortunate we are here in the U.S. The Continental United States. America! 

One career I chose was inside/outside sales? The reason became clear many years later. In order to "make the sale", you have to have a high self esteem. Which I have learned after being in sales for twenty years sales means "self love." So I catapulted myself in to a career that required good self esteem and in order to be successful. To make the sale! 

"Thank God! I found Amway or Amway found me.   While reading the Power of Positive Thinking, I met one of my first mentors. He convinced me to sell my TV and start reading more self help books. It was the best thing I have ever done To this day, twenty years later, I still do not watch prime time TV or any TV at all. Only Net Flix, Gaia, you tube. 

This was another turning point in my life and the next one was was when I met a student of Dr. Deepak Chopra who gave me a Beautiful ceremony into Primordial Sound Meditation and introduced me to the Seven Habits of Spiritual Success, by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Siddha Yoga in Seattle. After the "Grunge" scene that was a blast it was quite refreshing. While going to the Seattle Siddha Yoga Center to Chant and Meditate it was so liberating and beautiful, I loved it! I was learning another way I could feel Great alcohol free.  

Not only have I read and studied hundreds of self help, Spiritual and Metaphysical books, I have read many of them multiple times. I am still reading them today for repetition. In fact I read them most every day. Most of us know our brain is just like a computer, we have been and still are programmed by mass media to be negative and in fear.

It takes intense awareness to see through the illusion of separation and remember who really are. This is the path to enlightenment. 

And this is why Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly!  Angel means messenger. They are messengers of God the Divine. So if you want a message from the Divine ask the Angels. I love the Angels and I know I am always being guided.

Honestly I feel truly grateful how my life has transpired, because I have gained so much in -sight, wisdom and clarity. I have no negative feelings about my parents God bless them! In Fact I AM grateful for my experience with them. They gave me a great gift! They set me Free! Which is how I wanted it.  

Being Sicilian/ Italian.  I love the Italian people I believe they are some of the most heart centered people most of the time. they are also some of the best Artist on the planet. I know WE ARE ALL ONE and every one of us is special and has some Gift to share. However it is a fact Italy, Sicily are 2 of the most visited places on the planet and are on the top of the travel list. Even Asians love pizza. And most of us love Italian art, fashion, of course Lamborghini.  

Maybe that is why I chose to incarnate as Italian, fall in love and go into Business with a woman who was a fashion designer. 

After being with my parents and experiencing much trauma, abandonment issues. I had to go through my own issues of the same kind of separation. It was no accident my daughter and I were separated when she was 5 and we have had no contact since.

And on top of all that I also realized I was been playing out my issues from my mother with some of the women in my life that ended in separation, rejection, abandonment.  How fun! :). First I was lost and then I was found - My Self.   By Amazing Grace! 

This has been one of my greatest teachers, to allow what is and to surrender to life - God - Goddess. 

At this time I have already been on the Fast track to enlightenment which is exactly what Vajrayana means in Sanskrit.

I clearly remember being on my knees and to praying God for help and reading the New testament

which created a deep healing for me and a bond with Jesus. Ask and it is given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened! 

After being in Seattle for 20 years, God was saying get out!  Even after working for 3 Fortune 500 companies I was left with nothing. 


I lost my daughter, my job, my home I just bought, My Collage love, all money, my car, most all possessions. God was saying, 

Go somewhere and find peace and yourself. I had already been in touch with a friend at a Herb store in Lincoln City on the Oregon coast.

He was another student of Swami Muktananda and he gave me the name Atmanananda, introduced me to Reiki and Herbal remedies, 

and said wounded healer heal thy self! And Meditate, Meditate, Meditate!   

His friends and I would sit in dahshan and meditate after reading sacred Sanskrit literature. 

We also had in Lincoln City what we called a Sadhu meaning man of God who we would visit and talk with. 

And after homelessness 4 times and 55 years of being on planet earth I still did Not face all my fears of survival. 

Thank you God! One more aha moment was when I realized after reading Wayne Dyer was Gods loves us so  much the same lessons come to us over, over and over. Until one day we finally get it! And it is great practice to love the situation that is given us as a "opportunity" to heal it. 

And just recently in 2015 another "turning point" was my latest experience with losing everything including the Woman I loved deeply, virtually overnight after 6 years of total dedication to her and her Business I was forced to leave without unemployment, severance pay or savings or not even a thank you. I slept in my car for several months. This created a surfacing of intense rage, anger, pain, disappointment, sorrow, self loathing and confusion again I was Not enough!  And Gratitude is what is pulled me through that! Thank you Rhonda Bryne! 

Later I realized she also loved me just as deep and did not want me to see her dying as she Knew on her Soul level she was leaving the Earth plane. And so she also set me free. After her crossing the earth plane it took  me about 2 years of deep loss, grief, more intense suffering and several months of crying for her and the things I blamed my self for to feel alive again and want to experience more life.  

A Very Deep Painful experience I AM grateful for. 

Actually you can not help another unless you your self have experienced deep loss, Deep suffering and Deep emotional pain. No amount of Reading books, classes, seminars, You tubes,  Reiki classes or any teacher or Guru will ever replace this kind of life experience. Ever!  

Well the Truth is I have No one to blame because when you take "total" Response - ability everything changes. 

And Truth is "I" Create my own reality!    No one else!  

And again Everything is a gift - everything! 

It is just an illusion the feeling and thought of separation. The Illusion of Disunity! 

One of the first thoughts we had was separation from the Creator - God! 

All the pain, Deep Emotional Suffering and separation is all part of the Divine plan because

it is cleansing my heart and soul of all I was holding inside of me.


Yet I AM much more aware and I much softer, more compassionate with myself and others. Again Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I AM Grateful! I have learned so much and this is how I create a safe space for you because I created for my self.

In Seattle I worked for Microsoft, The Immunex Corporation a "Bio tech" and Nordstrom. All Fortune 500 companies.

Every time I fell, I picked myself up and started over again. One day while working for The Immunex corp I went to my H.R. Manager told her about

how my manager was abusing me, gave her my keys and walked out. Later to find out he was fired. 

After leaving the Immunex Corp back in the year 1999 I began a career in I.T. selling computers, copiers, Phone systems and credit card machines. This was about my 19th year in Seattle. One of my lowest points. 

My Self Esteem was so low I could not look myself in the face without self loathing. Then at my 20th year in Seattle, the Universe was saying after losing multiple jobs time to move on! Like the The Alman Brothers song - Lord I was born a Rambling man.  

Then came yoga from my first Ayurvedic Doctor, I was well on my path of higher awareness, healing my childhood trauma, that can take many years. Now that I feel much more inner peace, I can help others feel the same. 

So my quest for inner peace has brought me here to guide you on your way to inner peace.  I AM a Spiritual Being having a Human experience. However after all this I AM well equipped to guide you. 

We All need each other for the changes that are in the days to come - If we as a Species make the Choice to move beyond our Greed, Selfishness, Hatred, Ignorance and Separation from each other and all life we will have to work together and choose love.  What I am saying by change is positive for the Highest Good of All concerned.

So may We Choose  -  That We Are All One! 



Talla - Allah  -  May you live Forever, I Know you do. God Bless you, Thank you for everything! I AM Eternally Grateful for You!  

So my reason for being here is to guide you back to yourself which is Pure love, innocence.


The Divine in me sees the Divine in you!

Dana Biondo


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