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Spiritual coaching in a safe space


Short Version. ♥  Its all about love = Freedom!  

That means loving our Shadow as well! 

Dana is a Certified Quantum Energy Facilitator. 

I hold 22 certifications in The Healing Arts!

An counting, learning is ongoing, eternal, infinite! 

With 25 years of Metaphysical studies experience,

living the life that No Formal 

Education will ever teach you - I AM more than qualified to 

Help bring you back home. To go beyond limitations, loneliness, Separation from your own Divine nature. You are Wholeness! 


You are what you are seeking. 


My journey began from the

moment of my birth on October 5, 1960 at 11:07 am. 

My Degree is in a life of Consciousness, Awareness. 

My life has Pre pared me for this mission.

We All have a mission, life purpose. What is your mission? 

My Divine Intention is to Hold a Safe Space for you. 

You are not broken, don't need to be fixed.  

My main studies are Vortex®Healing - Angelic Heart.

Orin's path of Self Realization, Divine Will. 

Basic Herbal Remedies and Organic Whole foods. Yoga, Pranayama. Re - programming the Subconscious mind. 

A student of Self for Re - membering the lost Art of Self love,

Self Respect, Self appreciation and Self worth. 

Through solitude and stillness. 

Re- membering Who I Really AM! by the

teachings of Far East, Merlin, The Beings of light, my Soul Brothers and Sisters, the Ascended Masters, Conversations With God, Orin - Sanaya Roman. My Divine Self, the Mighty I AM or the Holy Spirit.   

Then passing the teachings on to every willing soul. 

Bringing hope to Humanity. 

On the Path of Vajrayana (The fast track to Enlightenment)

Dana is deeply devoted to his own Awakening which is On going, Eternal. When you have your (1st)

Awakening you will also understand this journey.  

My own quest began very early at my birth my parents were my 1st teachers and that was my first experience of abandonment.


Before the age of five I was often left on my own at home.

My abandonment from my mother was to be the experience 

I would carry into my relationships with women. 

Then came the ultimate gift, at age five I was taken

from my mother, father.  

Little did I know I would never see them again. 


This was my Greatest Trial and my Greatest  Triumph! Due to this I chose to find my way home. My way back to Source - Creator -God! 


My journey has been remarkable.

I feel so grateful to have some of the Worlds Best teachers

to Wake me up! 

I've been extremely Blessed to have been mentored by Ric Weinman,

Neale Donald Walsch, Sanaya Roman, and had Darshan from the Enlightened Beings of the far east such as Amachi the Hugging saint. 

Mother Mera and Amma Sri Karunamayi.  

And The Divine Mother Mary incarnate. 

Now I know my purpose is #1 Continue to Re member Self love then

Have Fun while helping others find their way home by deprogramming from the illusion that we are born in sin and we die in sin.  


And Just holding a Safe Space. 

And of Course the Illusion of Disunity we are separate from

Source - All life! 

Now after 58 years,

I have found the rabbit hole is very deep.  

When you feel it is the darkest hour the

Good News is its always darkest before dawn. :). 

And we are all going home if that is your wish. 


This is about getting out of Fear - False, Experience, Appearing, Real.

And getting back to bliss or just plain and simple joy. Freedom. 


So have Faith and Hope. 


I have discovered how long Maya  "Illusion" has had us in its grip. 


Also don't be discourage it does get easier. 

You are on the same path to enlightenment.

Which = taking your Self lightly.






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