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Spiritual coaching in a safe space

Angelic Heart

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Introduction to Angelic Heart. ♥ 

In addition you will receive a sample of

Young Living Oil White Angelica that will greatly enhance you to

open your Mind and your Heart! A perfect compliment to your healing. 

See youngliving.com White Angelica. 


What makes Angelic Heart unique? You not only receive Angelic energy you also receive Angelic Consciousness! And it is guided by Divine Consciousness - Merlin!

Merlin is the Guide and power behind Vortex®Healing!  


What does Angelic Heart do for you

and how will you benefit from this Angelic energy?


You receive Freedom from P.T.S.D. and Anxiety! 

You are transported into a Safe Space. 

Relaxation and letting go happen organically. 

You will feel Clam and centered. 

You receive Clarity from confusion. 

Comfort and support will come naturally. 

And most of all you feel hopeful from despair. 

When integration is done it brings in joy and nurturing. 

Angelic Heart provides clarity and new possibilities. 



Session can be scheduled by phone (541) 499 - 4202.  

See Prices on my Reiki page.



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