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Spiritual coaching in a safe space


The Universe Really is A Safe Place!


I AM Safe!     

I AM Joy Truth, Love,

I AM Balance Peace, Harmony! 

I love Me! 



Good Vibrations!

You have to Change Your Vibration! Make a Invitation! Create a Positive Situation! Do Some thing You love! Laugh - Watch a Funny Movie! Know,  Love Cancels Fear! I Love You!   I Believe In you! Infused with love Energy! Namaste!   Dana 

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Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

May All Beings have Peace! May All Beings Feel Peace!May All Beings Know Peace! May All Beings Experience Peace!Shanti Shanti Shanti!!! Much Love to You All!!! Namaste,Dana Biondo   -  Atmanananda D.D.D. 

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Super Heros!

You Are A Super Hero Power!Call Forth Your Super Powers!Shivo Hum  - Shivaya - Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!!!Peace, Peace, Peace!Balance Peace Harmony. Joy Truth, love! Namaste! Dana 

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Pro Active Medicine.

Immune System Positive Proactive and Preventive Medicine.Don’t Medicate - Meditate! Raise Your Vibration!! Have a Healthy Mind Set - Stay Positive. Rise Above the Chaos. Stay in the love! Don’t Believe Most of what you hear. Stay away from Mass Media. Be Proactive. Use Preventive [...]

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Stronger Together!

We  Are Stronger in numbers. Gather with friends and give support!  Strengthen The Immune System. March 2020. Program for A Healthy, Body, Mind and Spirit!   The Gift of Health is keeping Me alive! My Mind is Programmed to have a Strong Immune System! I have a Strong Healthy Immune System! I AM Stronger [...]

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Pro Active!

Here are some Helpful ways to Stay Positive, Strong, Healthy.If you Feel the need see a D.O.M. A Divine Omniscient Madman or Woman.   :) No not Really see a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  Stay Calm With Organic Lavender Oil, Breathe Deeply. Strengthen your Immune System. Eat Good Healthy Food as much as possible! Take Vitamin C, [...]

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I want to know the Thoughts of God. The rest are details.Einstein      

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I Need?

If only I Knew, this when I was a teenager. Well I was a Punk, On the Grand Funk Railroad! And I left all that behind. And All is Now! Thank God! Thank you God, I AM Remembering!   The Illusion of Need. The first Illusion. Need Exist. This is not only the first illusion, but the grandest. [...]

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Feeling Safe!

How do I "Feel" Safe in a world that "feels" unsafe? Step #1. Decide you are going to find a way. Step #2. Tell the Universe/ Multiverse you are choosing a New behavior. Step #3. Take your focus OFF the out side world!. Chant - Hari Krishna, Hari Rama!   Do the Hoke Poki and turn your self around! :) Chant [...]

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