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Meditation & Relaxation


When can you rest? When is rest possible?

Rest is only possible, when you have stopped all activities. When you stop moving around, when you stop working, thinking, talking, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting… - when all these activities stop - then you get rest. When you stop all voluntary activities, then, you rest. You are left with just the involuntary activities (breathing, beating of the heart, digestion of the food by the stomach, blood circulation, etc.) – this is sleep.
Sleep gives rest – but is it total rest? Recollect your own experience, when you did not have deep sleep:

- There was some restlessness, agitation, or desire
- The mind was planning, and planning, and planning
- Your ambitions made you restless
- You were anxious about doing something: “Oh, I must do this”

In all these instances - your mind was not free. Only when the mind settles down, meditation happens. Meditation gives total rest and relaxation.


Meditation & Relaxation - 1/2 hour session $50.00

Meditation & Relaxation - 1 hour session $100.00

Meditation & Relaxation - 1-1/2 hour session $125.00


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