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Spiritual coaching in a safe space


I was fortunate enough to experience Dana's work a short time ago. Its affect on me was profound. Since this was accomplished with a long distance session, all I had to do was sit still for a while open up, and be receptive. My pain was greatly reduced, I could walk normally, I felt refreshed and full of energy.  I highly recommend this work.
Dawn Fazende  January 2020. 


Cherise Cottier-Du Trieux January 2020. 

Dana Biondo is a very powerful intuitive healer. After knowing Dana for many years I received a session
from him and received the privilege of being held in his ever so powerful and beautiful frequency. My
connection with Dana is just as special and unique as he is. It took me two years to find my son’s
umbilical cord. When I finally found it the next day I went to bury it on the Mountain of Shasta. This was
the day that I met Dana, an auspicious and yet appropriate way to meet him. Dana embodies pure blue
light as well as the essence of our beloved Mount Shasta during his healing sessions. Aside from deeply
appreciating him as a person, his powerful vibration and awareness permeate through his healing work.


I recently became acquainted with the soulfulness who has incarnated as Dana Biondo. My impression of this angelic human is that he is a powerful, yet gentle and approachable teacher, healer , and up lifter who has walked the diverse path of much deep contrast to create a vortex of positive healing energy, a master healer his soul desired of him in this incarnation. 
I would guess his soul and guides designed a life of intense loss and change to ultimately free him of that human idea of suffering and for his unique journey of expansion . His eternity shines through! A master soul often likes the challenge of such a life to hone his creator skills on! He likely is a master soul, a light worker and a way shower, stimulated by growth and deeper knowing! This path can clear shadows in a quantum way for the greater whole, including the galactic realms. 
Dana strikes me as a multidimensional being walking his talk and sharing the living light codes in his person. I felt a timeless quality in him that likely signifies a create from the future for the shift. Because Dana has walked the path of struggle and loss, he is empathetic and compassionate and relates to his students as equals as a teacher/healer. His light shines brightly! 

 Kate Lynde  -  Ashland, Oregon.      February 2019! 


Dana, is such an open hearted and compassionate person. He has a genuine healing presence.

It has been a delight to get to know him as he has become our Ashland/Medford

area healing colleague and print magazine delivery person.

Maya Cooper - Creator - Holistic Heart Beat Magazine. December 2017. 


September 2016

He has been a healing practitioner  for me for several years. 
I am always amazed at his intense healing powers. 
The last session we had he did energy work on me and with out even touching me within minutes I could feel a
total shift in my energy for the positive. 
He works with such a clear strong focus and uncanny ability to know just how to bring on profound healing.
I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with both physical, emotional and mental support and healing.

Ashland, Oregon. 


May 2016 

I have had several distant healing treatments from Dana, generally to do with physical problems that have clearly had spiritual components. Each has amazed and awed me.


The first time, I found myself in a seemingly infinite space within which I felt that I could get at any part of myself, no matter how deep or complex, emotional or spiritual or physical. Being in that space helped me get a handle on the interacting complexities of my ordeal with post-viral chronic fatigue. After the treatment, there was definite improvement in my symptoms. And I'd like to revisit that space sometime.


Most recently, Dana worked another distant healing on my chronic fatigue. This time we were more specific in our focus: energy processing and normal detox + recycling processes, particularly in mitochondria and cellular respiration; with nutrient transport, waste clearing, general health and maintenance of mitochondria, cell membranes and cytoplasm.


I experienced a distinct sequence, recapitulating particular injuries, revisiting perennially sore spots, one after another: left shoulder, left hip, right side of head, coccyx, sacrum.... In each successive spot, I felt the usual soreness for just one to three minutes and then it was OK.


At the sacrum, though, there was something new. Afterwards, it feels especially healthy, and I'm writing this several months after the treatment. During the treatment it felt like a through and through regeneration of the sacrum bone's systems, whatever they are - it buzzed. Three days later the joint between the sacrum and coccyx cracked, like cracking a knuckle. It didn't hurt, just cracked. And that joint had been immobile for as long as I can remember. A week later it cracked again. I've been more mobile in my hips since then.


During the treatment, after the sacrum part, I spaced out completely. Very deep and relaxing. Since then, again, my symptoms have improved markedly. I have less feverishness and quicker recovery.


Stephen Ronald Fast, age 60,

BSc, Dipl Vib Med, Reiki Master, Vortex Healer

Hamilton, Ontario




"To my amazement I found Dana to be a real Master of the Reiki art!"

- Dr. Beata, Priore N.Y.


"Dana exudes the powerful Energy of the Elohim, I saw a beam of light come into me and my heart was opened. I feel Him permeate the room every time I am in his presence."

- Barbara Walker - Empath  - Ashland, Oregon


"Dana was able to intuitively connect with me in my session. I felt safe, at peace. I loved my session!"

- Snow Thurner Ashland, Oregon


"When I first met Dana, his booth was next to mine at the Mind Body Spirit Expo fair. I sat nearby and gained benefit from his work just by being in the same room! His energy is very positive and full of light - very healing!  It was amazing to watch people lie down and when he was done working with them they sat up with a renewed glow and energy. Dana is definitely a gifted healer!"

- James Keskimak


"I have had the privilege to meet Dana Biondo and find that he possesses not only a warm, sincere and spiritual persona, he is also a very knowledgeable healing practitioner. He has a very loving and gentle side to him. He is always there to help someone physically or mentally with his healing expertise :).

He helped me to relinquish pain in my arm that I had been suffering from for months. I could not raise it any direction with out feeling sharp pain and would awake from sleeping with a burn. Dana healed me of this and immediately I was able to raise it without any pain at all. And I have not had any pain since! I truly know and feel Dana has a gift.  His gift of healing would be your gift of receiving."

- Nancy Lawson, Medford, Oregon


"Working with Dana was like working with a Angel. I had been getting very painful cramps the on set of my menses and was not lookng forward to another period. Dana began our session with setting an intention.  Mine was a pain free period.  As Dana worked with me, I almost felt he was using magnets at one point and at one time I felt as though I was being lifted off the table, wow! And the end of it all I was very high and even lost my way home for a short time.  The next day I had my period with absolutely NO PAIN! Ever since the process it has been much easier for my body. I remember to send thanks into the world for Dana and his magical touch."

- Dana, Ayurveda practitioner Grants Pass, Oregon


"I have greatly appreciated the spiritual healing I received from Dana.  I found it to be very up lifting as well as calming. I could sense his spiritual hands transmitting the God energy he works with."

- Rev Drew Vogt.,  Sunrise Community Church. Santa Fe, N.M.


"Dana is a gifted healer and compassionate teacher. His awareness, intuition and experience has shown me the power of positive presence and the importance of Spiritual growth in all matters of life.  His ability for healing touch reaches the core of your being. With his unique gift , I have realized my own ability for knowing the value of creating life long health."

- Maurice Lamar Fleming, L.S.W.   Author Life Coach.  Next Step Life Coaching

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